Whistleblowing: Report of Suspected Wrongdoing

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This form is to help you report any of the following or similar wrongdoing:

  • criminal acts e.g. stealing from the council or its service users, abuse of service users
  • the improper use of council or other public funds or any other financial irregularity
  • the improper use of council assets eg information, equipment (including IT), vehicles or buildings
  • bribery ie payment for favours or to influence decisions or behaviour or any other corrupt activity
  • a failure to comply with a legal obligation e.g. a statutory duty to provide a certain level of care
  • an action or a failure to act which endangers health or safety
  • an action damaging the environment
  • a miscarriage of justice
  • the concealment of information about any of the above

Please try to answer the questions below.  You may not be able to answer them all but please give as much information as you can.

Who Is committing the wrongdoing?
If more than one person is involved please give details about them
Details of the wrongdoing


If you have any documentary evidence, please send it to whistleblowing@dundeecity.gov.uk or by letter marked ‘PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL'  to Dundee City Council, Corporate Service Department, Corporate Fraud Team, 50 North Lindsay Street DUNDEE DD1 1NZ

Your Details
This section is optional - you don’t have to fill it in but it will help us if we need to contact you to talk about the report. All the information you provide will be assessed and the most appropriate course of action undertaken. This could include passing the information to a law enforcement agency. We will provide you with as much information as we can about the outcome of your report but circumstances may limit our freedom to do that and if you remain anonymous it will be impossible. However, we are grateful for your time and assistance in the fight against fraud and wrongdoing. If you provide contact details someone from the council or a law enforcement agency may contact you for further details. Unfortunately due to the nature of investigations, we cannot give a timescale for when that might happen.


Please give some details about yourself.


Other ways of contacting you.

Thank you for your help.

Data Protection

The information provided on this form will be processed by Dundee City Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information will be used for responding to your report. The information you provide may be shared with other law enforcement agencies involved in the prevention and detection of crime and/or protection of the public purse.