Council Tax Bands

Which band is my property in?

The Council Tax property band is detailed on your bill. If a bill is not available, a full listing of property valuations and their bands is detailed below.

Some apparently similar properties may differ in band. This is most likely to happen when the valuations made on each property border two bands. If you require to know the banding of a particular property, please visit the Scottish Assessors website.

Charges for 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

The council agreed a 3% increase across all Council Tax bands for 2018-19.  Scottish Water also increased the water and waste water charges by 1.6%.

The bands and charges for financial year 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 are as follows :

Band (Value of Property)
Council Tax


(Up to £27,000) £852.00 £134.94 £156.66 £1143.60
B  (£27,001 to £35,000) £994.00 £157.43 £182.77 £1334.20
C  (£35,001 to £45,000) £1136.00 £179.92 £208.88 £1524.80
D  (£45,001 to £58,000) £1278.00 £202.41 £234.99 £1715.40
E  (£58,001 to £80,000) £1679.15 £247.39 £287.21 £2213.75
F  (£80,001 to £106,000) £2076.75 £292.37 £339.43 £2708.55
G (£106,001 to £212,000) £2502.75 £337.35 £391.65 £3231.75
H  (£212,001 and over) £3130.10 £404.82 £469.98 £4005.90

Note: The bands are based on the property values as at 1st April 1991 (not the present value of the property).

If you have any queries about which band your property has been placed in (or if you wish to Appeal against a Council Tax Banding), please contact the Scottish Assessors Website. You must appeal within 6 months of receiving your payment bill.

You can sign up for paperless billing by registering for a MyDundee account. It takes less than 5 minutes and all you need is a valid email address and your council tax account number.  You can also view your Council Tax account at any time.