Air Quality

Links to Air Quality information

Linksto air quality information, including children's pages,available on websitesfrom Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Air Quality in Dundee

A summary of air quality in Dundee, air quality legislation, pollutants, Local Air Quality Management duties, and annual reporting submitted by Dundee.

Monitoring Air Quality in Dundee

What, whereandhow air pollutants are monitored, plushistorical informationand latest levelsat locations where air quality pollutants are monitored in Dundee.

How can we help improve our air quality?

Help improve Dundee's air quality by changing the way you travel, dispose of garden waste and heat your home.

Smoke Control Areas and the Clean Air Act 1993

Information about Dundee's smoke control areas, the types of appliances and fuels which can be used in such areas, and other Clean Air Act 1993 requirements.

Air Quality and Land Use Planning

Air quality policy within the Dundee Local Development Planand links to Supplementary Guidance and Technical Guidance documents.


ECO Stars are free recognition schemes for operators of buses, coaches,vans, and trucks, and taxi and private hire vehicles.

Frequently asked questions about Air Quality