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Angus Housing Association aims to provide well managed and maintained, affordable rent housing and to allocate properties to people who have a genuine unmet housing need.

Contact details

The Square, Ormiston Crescent
Dundee DD4 0UD Map
Tel: 0845 177 2244
Email: admin@aha.org.uk
Website: www.angusha.org.uk

Type of housing available

  • The Association's properties range in size from single person housing (1 apartment bedsits) to large 5 apartment 8 person houses.
  • The type of property varies from tenemental flats to 1 and 2 storey cottage type dwellings, depending on the area.


  • Our local office is based in Whitfield and serves all of our properties in Whitfield, Mid Craigie, Barnhill and Kirkton Road.

Who can apply

  • Anyone aged 16 or over can apply to the Association.
  • Allocations of houses are made irrespective of an applicant's race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or physical ability.

Where and how to apply

  • By phoning or calling in at our office.
  • On line at our website.

How applications are assessed

  • In accordance with our Allocations and Transfers Policy and Procedures which operate a Group and Points system.
  • All applicants who request medical circumstances to be taken into account are independently assessed by the Medical Advisory Service.

Rent Levels

  • Weekly rent levels range from approximately £40 to £75 depending on house size and type.

Repairs and maintenance

  • We will carry out repairs or other work necessary to keep the house in a condition which is habitable, wind and watertight and, in all other respects, reasonably fit for human habitation.
  • We will carry out all repairs within a reasonable time period of becoming aware that the repairs need to be done.
  • All repairs will be done to a standard of a reasonably competent contractor, using good quality material.


  • If adaptations are required on the recommendation of an Occupational Therapist, then funding may be available to complete any required works.

Right to Buy

  • There is no right to buy for anyone who became a tenant after 1989.

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • The Association maintains a transfer/mutual exchange list.
  • Tenants can also request a mutual exchange by means of free access to the Homeswapper website which is a national mutual exchange database.