Civil Marriage Venues in Dundee

From 1st September 2014 a civil marriage may now simply be conducted at a place and time agreed between the couple and the local registration authority, other than religious premises. In Dundee a civil ceremony may also be held 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in consultation with the registrar. This flexibility already applies in relation to civil partnership ceremonies. Dundee City Council provides venues for civil marriage, civil partnership, naming ceremonies and renewal of vows at the Marriage Suite for the Registrars Office, known as The Hollins Room, which is located at 1 Shore Terrace, Dundee.  Ceremonies may also be arranged for Broughty Castle, Baxter Park Pavilion and Mills Observatory and many other Council owned buildings and locations at an extra cost. All public parks and open spaces within Dundee are also available for civil  ceremonies, again for an extra fee. In reality, couples may now be married/civil partnered almost wherever they choose in Dundee. Many hotels, bars restaurants and clubs in Dundee have also hosted civil ceremonies and a list of previous venues for ceremonies in Dundee is shown below: