Whitfield Regeneration Area

Whitfield Regeneration Area

Whitfield is the subject of a planned regeneration to build a new community around the framework of the original Whitfield by developing cleared sites within a comprehensive strategy. There is the potential for the development of between 800 and 1,000 new dwellings.

In December 2006 the draft Whitfield Planning Framework was approved as a basis for securing the implementation of proposals to further regeneration in the Whitfield area. Updates were made to this document in 2007, 2010 and 2015 to guide future development in the area. The Whitfield Planning Framework is now updated annually to reflect the ongoing regeneration activity with the current document updated in December 2016.

Through the new development of vacant sites for housing and associated uses the new Whitfield will be: a popular place to live with a mixture of tenures but mainly private housing; It will be an area with recognisable communities created within it; It will be a convenient and safe place to live with a distribution of safe useful play and recreation spaces; and it will be an area with attractive shopping facilities.

With the creation of the Crescent this will create an attractive sense of place for the community in Whitfield; provide a hub for community shops and healthcare facilities/services; develop vehicular flow across the new Whitfield ‘heart’; and make safe routes to school and to community services/facilities.

The scheme will provide safe, direct, convenient and interesting pedestrian routes; cycleways; disabled parking bays, child and family parking bays and access for buses.

A new road has been constructed linking Lothian Crescent in the west of Whitfield with Aberlady Crescent in the east.

And a new primary school Ballumbie Primary School is now fully operational.

Further information has been prepared on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (5.5MB pdf) and Green Infrastructure (6MB pdf) for future development proposals within the Whitfield regeneration area.


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