Our Future City Centre - Strategic Investment Plan 2050

Dundee City Council is delighted to publish its approved City Centre Strategic Investment Plan 2050. Significant development and engagement has gone into producing this ambitious 30-year plan and we thank all of the stakeholders for their contributions. The plan sets out a long-term vision and identifies a wide variety of opportunities, including radical ideas for our future city centre, and conceptual plans and visuals for seven strategic development opportunity sites. You can find further information on the plan in the following tab ‘Approved Plan 2023’, which includes the approved plan, the Consultation Outcomes Report, and supplementary reports produced by our external consultants.  

As the plan has progressed, the Council has continued to develop various pipeline projects within the city centre, including a shopfront improvement pilot, a new policy relating to commercial waste storage, securing design funding for the pedestrianisation of Union Street, a night-time economy pilot, lighting of key buildings, events planning, and traffic calming measures for Commercial Street. Stakeholder engagement and growing awareness of the plan has also generated significant interest from investors and developers, leading to multiple in-person presentations, discussions and site visits. All of this work contributes to the delivery of the plan’s vision, ambitions, strategic outcomes and actions. As intended, and to build on the current momentum generated, we will now produce an implementation plan to shape the delivery of the plan’s strategic outcomes and actions. Regular updates on the progress and delivery of the plan and its projects will be provided to the City Development Committee.