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Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) some records that contain personal data about living individuals are closed to the public. There are some circumstances in which we can release information from these records, find out more below.

Part-closed Records

Some records can be part-closed. For example a school admission register that covers 1913-1933 will be closed as a whole until 2034. But part of the information is over 100 years old so should be accessible. If this is the case we can allow you to view the part that is open. The closed part will be tied off or sealed and you will not be able to view it.

To view a part closed record or to check whether a record is part closed, please contact us.

Accessing your own records

You have the right to access information that we hold relating to you. You can do this by making a Subject Access Request. If you are looking for your school admission records, please see below.

School Records

As school admission registers contain personal information they are subject to a closure period of 100 years in accordance with the GDPR. We can supply you with copies of information held in these records about you. So that we ensure that we only give out information relating to the data subject, please supply a copy of some formal identification, e.g. a passport or driving licence. We also require the following information to help our search:

  • Full name at time of school attendance
  • Date of birth
  • Place of residence
  • Years of attendance

Please send your ID along with the relevant information to

School Reunions and Class Lists

We can release lists of names, from the admission registers for the purposes of class reunions to other individuals who were in the same class/year as you. Therefore please confirm the year that you were admitted to the school and supply us with a copy of some formal identification, e.g. a passport or driving licence, then we can provide a copy of the list of names who started the school at the same time as you. Please note that this provision applies to lists of names only, and not to any of the other personal information contained in the register. Please note that there may be a charge for supplying these copies.

Records of Deceased Individuals

The GDPR only applies to the records of living individuals. Therefore, we are able to supply information relating to individuals who can be proved to be deceased. If you are able to supply a death certificate for an individual or any other significant proof that they are deceased we can supply you with information about them from closed records.

To request information please email us a copy of the death certificate (or other proof) and tell us the record you would like us to search and any other relevant information.

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