Dundee City Archives hold a collection of acquired maps and plans. We also hold plans that were used by the City Engineer and other officials.

What can I view online?

You can view a wide variety of maps on the National Library of Scotland’s website. These include Ordnance Survey maps, town plans, regional maps, geological, military and estate maps.

What can I view at Dundee City Archives?

  • Crawford's 1776 map of Dundee (GD/X716 and other copies)
  • 1821 map of Dundee by John Wood (GD/X1282)
  • 1846 map of Dundee by Charles Edward (GD/X1282)
  • Burgh of Dundee Survey by James Collie, 1851 to 1852
  • Parliamentary plans of street tramway, water and gas improvements, 1870 to 1966
  • Ordnance Survey Maps 1871 and 1901 (1:500 scale) (1871 available on National Library of Scotland website - under town plans)
  • Survey of Burgh of Broughty Ferry, 1908 (BF/TC)
  • Goad Fire Insurance Plans, 1887-1961 (GD/Mus/122)
  • Plus many more.

If you are interested in maps of Dundee, contact us to find out what other maps we hold.

The Local History Centre at the Central Library also holds some copies of Ordnance Survey Maps and other maps.

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