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Taxi Licence Applications

Note: the links above are associated with Adobe PDF documents. To read these documents, you may require Adobe Reader.

Limit on Taxi Licences

The current policy of the Committee is to limit the number of taxis to 611 and that a further full demand report be held when the number of taxis operating in the City falls to that figure. The Committee further resolved that no new taxi licences be issued meantime.

See the Taxi Policy section and the Dundee Taxi Survey Report above for further details.

Taxi Driver Training

The Licensing Committee have agreed that all drivers should be trained to SVQ level 2 or equivalent by 31st May 2017.

Two courses have been approved, one is the one being organised by Unite the Union and its an SVQ level 2 and the other is being run by Dundee & Angus College. This is a vocational related qualification (VRQ) which meets the knowledge requirements of SVQ level 2 in Road passenger Transport.

For information on the courses please telephone 01382 834874 (Dundee & Angus College) or 01382 227369 (Unite the Union).

Details of the Dundee & Angus College Course Click here.

The benefits of training are

For the trade it will:

  • Improve the image of the taxi trade
  • Result in a better quality of service and reduce the number of complaints
  • Provide a better image of Dundee, especially with visitors and tourists

For the operator/taxi offices it will:

  • Attract more drivers with the right skills
  • Improve reliability and retention of drivers
  • Improve competitiveness and best value
  • Raise standards in the quality of service provided
  • Increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints and liabilities
  • Improve loyalty of customers
  • Raise the profile of the company
  • Improve business performance

For the driver it will provide:

  • Improved self-esteem and job satisfaction
  • The prospect to enhance earnings through quality of service provided
  • The opportunity to work in an acknowledged profession
  • An opportunity to engage in learning and obtain a recognised qualification
  • Enhance the quality of service provided
  • The potential to reduce insurance costs

For Dundee City Council it will:

  • Reduce costs of monitoring drivers
  • Result in fewer complaints and public risk
  • Make it easier for local authorities to collaborate on licensing regimes thereby assisting labour mobility
  • Local authorities create a locally licensed service which achieves nationally recognised standards

There are over 700 Licensed Taxis and Private Cars in Dundee. The majority of vehicles are saloon cars which are licensed to carry 4 passengers. There are over 200 wheelchair accessible taxis which can carry a maximum of 8 passengers. Stretched limos are licensed as Private Hire Cars.

Taxis can pick up passengers in the street whilst Private Hire Cards must be prebooked.

Police Scotland are consulted in all applications and applicants for Taxi Driver Licences need to pass a Knowledge Test.

All vehicles are tested to high standard.

Applications are considered by the Licensing Committee which meets monthly, with the exception of August, when the Council is in recess.

Please note that the application forms currently available on this page are for new applications only.

Important: Notes on Downloading

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  • To read 'PDF' documents you may also require Adobe Reader.
  • If you have the choice, and you are on a slow connection, Word documents will download faster than Adobe documents.

Taxi Driver's Licence - Application Form and Conditions

Commonly called a Taxi Badge and needed to drive a Taxi or Private Hire Car fitted with a taximeter.

Download Taxi Driver Licence Application Documents - (Word)

Taxi Operator's Licence - Application Form and Conditions

No New Taxi Licences are being issued. See Taxi Policy at top of page.

Download The Approved Accessible Vehicles

Download Guidance Notes for Taxi Testing

Download Wheelchair Accessible Taxi - Guidance and Assessment Criteria

Download Taxi Licence Conditions - Full Volume

Download Taxi Licence Conditions - Low Volume

Download Taxi Conditions - Salon Vehicles

Private Hire Car Driver's Licence - Application Form and Conditions

This is needed to drive a Private Hire Car. This only allows the holder to drive a Private Hire Car which is NOT fitted with a taximeter. Anyone wishing to drive a Private Hire Car which is fitted with a taximeter should apply for a Taxi Driver's Licence.

Download Private Hire Car Driver Licence Application Documents  - (MS Word)

Private Hire Car Operator's Licence - Application Form and Conditions

This is needed to put a vehicle on the road as a Private Hire Car (note that this Licence also covers Limousines and Airport Transfer Vehicles).

Download Private Hire Car Operator Licence Application Documents - (MS Word)

Taxi & Private Hire Booking Office Licence - Application Form and Conditions

This is required when bookings are being taken from premises where there are more than 3 vehicles operating as Taxis or Private Hire Cars.

Download Taxi & Private Hire Booking Office Application Documents - (MS Word)

Variation for Advertising - Application Form and Conditions

The Council allow up to full livery advertising on Taxis and a limited form of advertising on Private Hire Cars. Full details of the criteria allowing advertising is included in the notes of guidance on the application form.

Download Variation for Advertising Application - (MS Word)