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More Alchemy

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More Alchemy - winter exhibition. Alchemists and visual artists have many things in common, gold, silver, pearls, pigments, visions and ideas of the future. Both artists and alchemists are fascinated by the mystery of transformation. The artists in this show are no exception. We are offered stories, scenes, moments through paint, ceramic and print that combine in a gold tinted recipe to create an aura of alchemy Works by Clare Harkess, Janet Melrose, Helen Glassford, David Cass, Jenny Pope, Alan MacDonald, Angus Dunbar, Jackie Anderson, Joan Doerr, Madeleine Hand, Catherine Ross, William Black, Ann Oram, Julie Goring, Joyce Cairns, Marian Leven, Liz Douglas, Lucia Gomez, John Johnstone, James Lumsden, Morag Muir, Jennifer Watt, Stuart Buchanan.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.

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This event has now passed.
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