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Brick City

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We are delighted to host the touring exhibition 'Brick City' in the High Mill @ Verdant Works. This is the first time this exhibition has ever been seen in Dundee and we expect it to be extremely popular.

Brick City is a celebration of some of the world's favourite buildings and urban icons, recreated solely using LEGO bricks. While to many, LEGO bricks are 'just a toy', to Warren Elsmore they provide challenging and enjoyable modelling medium.

These LEGO models, however, don't resemble those you remember as a child. A master of his medium, these fabulously detailed models may contain thousands of pieces - or perhaps just a handful Either way, using just LEGO bricks, Warren may create a model almost indistinguishable from the real thing, or evoke the spirit of a building in just a few small pieces.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.

Promoted By: Dundee Heritage Trust
Saturday 8th September 2018 10:00am
Sunday 9th September 2018 11:00am
Monday 10th September 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 11th September 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 12th September 2018 10:00am
Thursday 13th September 2018 10:00am
Friday 14th September 2018 10:00am
Saturday 15th September 2018 10:00am
Sunday 16th September 2018 11:00am
Monday 17th September 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 18th September 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 19th September 2018 10:00am
Thursday 20th September 2018 10:00am
Friday 21st September 2018 10:00am
Saturday 22nd September 2018 10:00am
Sunday 23rd September 2018 11:00am
Monday 24th September 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 25th September 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 26th September 2018 10:00am
Thursday 27th September 2018 10:00am
Friday 28th September 2018 10:00am
Saturday 29th September 2018 10:00am
Sunday 30th September 2018 11:00am
Monday 1st October 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 2nd October 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 3rd October 2018 10:00am
Thursday 4th October 2018 10:00am
Friday 5th October 2018 10:00am
Saturday 6th October 2018 10:00am
Sunday 7th October 2018 11:00am
Monday 8th October 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 9th October 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 10th October 2018 10:00am
Thursday 11th October 2018 10:00am
Friday 12th October 2018 10:00am
Saturday 13th October 2018 10:00am
Sunday 14th October 2018 11:00am
Monday 15th October 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 16th October 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 17th October 2018 10:00am
Thursday 18th October 2018 10:00am
Friday 19th October 2018 10:00am
Saturday 20th October 2018 10:00am
Sunday 21st October 2018 11:00am
Monday 22nd October 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 23rd October 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 24th October 2018 10:00am
Thursday 25th October 2018 10:00am
Friday 26th October 2018 10:00am
Saturday 27th October 2018 10:00am
Sunday 28th October 2018 11:00am
Monday 29th October 2018 10:00am
Tuesday 30th October 2018 10:00am
Wednesday 31st October 2018 10:00am
Thursday 1st November 2018 10:30am
Friday 2nd November 2018 10:30am
Saturday 3rd November 2018 10:30am
Sunday 4th November 2018 11:00am
Wednesday 7th November 2018 10:30am
Thursday 8th November 2018 10:30am
Friday 9th November 2018 10:30am
Saturday 10th November 2018 10:30am
Sunday 11th November 2018 11:00am
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