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Recycle for Dundee

Grey Bin (General Waste) Every 2 weeks
Blue Bin (Paper, Card) Every 4 weeks
Burgundy Bin (Plastics, Metal and Cartons) Every 3 weeks
Brown Bin (Garden Waste)
Brown Bin (Garden Waste) charges started March 2020 - Visit Garden Waste Charging page
Every 2 weeks
Food Waste Weekly

Glass is collected from the local recycling points.

More information about the council's policy on contamination in household recycling is available.

What happens to your recycling?

Recycle for Dundee Leaflet - Burnside Court

For further information about other changes see:

FAQs about bin chute closures in Burnside Court

If you want to comment on the closure of the bin stores, please use this form.

For more information about what goes into each bin, please refer to the following:

Recycle for Dundee leaflet - kerbside users 

Recycle for Dundee leaflet - communal property users