How Can We Help You?

My Dundee can tell you a huge amount about the place and community where you live; it can tell you who your elected representatives are (Councillors, MSPs and MPs), planning issues in your area, details about your environment, your travel options and help you find your nearest council facilities. To get started, simply enter your address or postcode in the box below:

My Dundee will answer the following questions:

  • Which Council ward do I live in?
  • Who are my Councillors?
  • Which Scottish Parliamentary Constituency do I live in?
  • Who is my MSP?
  • Which Westminster Parliamentary Constituency do I live in?
  • Who is my MP?
  • Where can I vote?
  • Do I live in a conservation area?
  • Are there any planning applications near me which I can comment on?
  • Is my building listed?
  • Which school catchment area do I live in?
  • Where are the primary and secondary schools?
  • Where are my nearest bus stops and what time does the next bus leave?
  • Where is the Council's core path network?
  • Where is my nearest recycling centre?
  • Where are my nearest dog waste bins?
  • Where is my nearest community centre?
  • Where is my nearest library?
  • Where is my nearest sports centre?

You can see all the information on an interactive map or aerial photograph and print a copy for your own use. The information is linked to the rest of our web site so you can easily find out more details like opening times or contact numbers.

We have also provided additional links to external sites where you can find out your Council tax band, see if there are any planned road works or find your nearest dentist, doctor and hospital.

Don't live in Dundee but want to try out 'My Dundee'? Type in the address Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, DD1 1QE to see a map of our new Council headquarters.