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Trajectories Exhibition

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An exhibition of contemporary art and scientific methods for exploring how perceptions of space influence and direct gestures, balance and movement. Art works by Charles Robert Harrison, Charlie Murphy and Studio Senses will be shown alongside materials from the cognitive testing collections of scientist Professor Elizabeth Warrington, objects from University of Dundee's Museum Collections and current scientific research. Trajectories is a collaboration with the Created Out of Mind research group based in The Hub at Wellcome Collection in London that aims to explore, challenge and shape perceptions and understanding of dementias through science and the creative arts.

The Gallery is open during exhibitions on Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and during the week by appointment only (email lifespace@dundee.ac.uk). Preview Thursday 1 February, 5-7pm, exhibition tour with curators, scientists and artists at 5pm.

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Saturday 24th March 2018 11:00am
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