The American Civil War

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Monday afternoons 2 - 4pm for five weeks 4th October - 1st November 2021.

This short course will examine this pivotal episode in the history of the USA from different perspectives and starting by asking what led to the war, will conclude with the legacies of the conflict today.

Did Lincoln's wife dream of his assassination the night before the play? Was Ulysses S Grant a drunk? Why are there statues of Confederate generals all over the south? Did Britain have a role to play in deciding the outcome? Is there a Dundee connection

These questions may not keep you up at night but if you're interested in the answers this is the course for you. We present the Civil War in technicolor glory. This war was not just about dates and battles and this course brings to life the personalities, beliefs, and determination of those involved. It delves into what it really means to be in the midst of civil conflict. How it ravages family ties, is vindictive, and all participants (from politicians through generals to the lowly grunt) have a vested interest in the outcome. No one can sit on the fence. These conflicts tend to be more cruel and bloody and the US Civil War was no different...In fact, it was the personification of a civil war: "Brother against brother."

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Monday 4th October 2021 2:00pm
Monday 11th October 2021 2:00pm
Monday 18th October 2021 2:00pm
Monday 25th October 2021 2:00pm
Monday 1st November 2021 2:00pm