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Gifts for Gods

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Volk Gallery is proud to present the work of Becky Brewis. Each Volk artist is given a size limit and budget and left to their own devices. With this brief, Brewis has produced 50 votives, cast in terracotta clay, across five designs: mouth, eye, ear, hands and womb. In ancient Greece and Rome, unwell citizens could buy small models of human body parts from roadside vendors to leave as an offering to the gods. Archeologists have found huge stashes of these 'anatomical votives', but exactly how they were used remains a mystery. You might gift an ear to cure deafness or to make someone listen to you...Pick one and make a wish.

Becky Brewis is an artist based in Dundee. Her work explores how the past permeates the present, psychologically and materially, and considers touch, memory and material culture in the context of our contemporary experience of disembodied internet space. She works across drawing, textiles, video and ceramics.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm.

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Monday 3rd October 2022 9:00am
Tuesday 4th October 2022 9:00am
Wednesday 5th October 2022 9:00am
Thursday 6th October 2022 9:00am
Friday 7th October 2022 9:00am
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