Resilience and Well Being

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Four week course 5th Oct - 26th Oct 2021. Tuesday afternoons 2-4pm.

This interactive online course is designed to improve your personal effectiveness in today's complex and often confusing world. We will discuss ways of managing time, dealing with stress, and coping with change and uncertainty. In similar courses participants benefited from hearing ideas from each other. You will be encouraged to share comments openly or anonymously, but you do not have to say anything at all unless you wish to do so.

The strategies and philosophy of resilience are transformative and helpful in all situations, not just those of crisis or dilemma. Reflecting on good and bad incidents can be a powerful way of developing transferable skills and attitudes. View challenges as part of the normal course of life and see them as opportunities for personal growth.

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Tuesday 5th October 2021 2:00pm
Tuesday 12th October 2021 2:00pm
Tuesday 19th October 2021 2:00pm
Tuesday 26th October 2021 2:00pm