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Witch Hunt

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Join us for Witch Hunt as we tell stories of the people accused and executed as witches, and why witch hysteria really took hold in Scotland. You'll hear about women who were persecuted by their communities, ostracised, and banished because they were thought to have magical powers. You'll also learn about what happened when they refused to confess that they had any knowledge of witchcraft.

We'll be providing graphic descriptions of torture and executions which may not be suitable for all audiences - recommended age 13 years plus.

Tour starts at the Old Steeple and runs on Thursdays @ 6.15 pm, Fridays @ 6.15 pm & 7.30 pm and Saturdays @ 5 pm & 6.15 pm (plus extra dates on Halloween weekend!) from Thursday 1st September until Saturday 26th November. Private group tours are available on request.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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Thursday 29th September 2022 6:15pm
Friday 30th September 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 1st October 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 1st October 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 6th October 2022 6:15pm
Friday 7th October 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 8th October 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 8th October 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 13th October 2022 6:15pm
Friday 14th October 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 15th October 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 15th October 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 20th October 2022 6:15pm
Friday 21st October 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 22nd October 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 22nd October 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 27th October 2022 6:15pm
Friday 28th October 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 29th October 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 29th October 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 3rd November 2022 6:15pm
Friday 4th November 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 5th November 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 5th November 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 10th November 2022 6:15pm
Friday 11th November 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 12th November 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 12th November 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 17th November 2022 6:15pm
Friday 18th November 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 19th November 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 19th November 2022 6:15pm
Thursday 24th November 2022 6:15pm
Friday 25th November 2022 6:15pm
Saturday 26th November 2022 5:00pm
Saturday 26th November 2022 6:15pm
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